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  • In Q1 2015, the net profit of banks of Moldova was MDL 306.74 million, growing MDL 54.7 million (21.7%) against the same period of 2014


    As NBM reports, the greatest profits in this period were gained by КБ Moldova-Agroindbank – MDL 170.3 million (against MDL 95.1 million reported for the same period of the past year), Moldindconbank – MDL 91.1 million (95.1 million), Victoriabank– MDL57.4 million (MDL 44.5 million), Mobiasbanca – Groupe Societe Generale – MDL53.9 million (MDL 20.4 million), ProCreditBank – MDL19.8 million (MDL 1.7 million), Eximbank – Gruppo Veneto Banca – MDL 18 million (against the loss of MDL 54.4 million in Q1 2014), FinComBank – MDL15.7 million (the profit of MDL 3.8 million), Energbank- MDL13.5 million (MDL 7.2 million), BCR Chisinau – MDL7.7 million (MDL8 million ), Comertbank – MDL4 million (0.4 million), EuroCreditBank – MDL1.7 million (MDL 0.6 million), Banca Sociala – MDL 1.3 million (17.9 million).

  • The European Investment Bank to open a representative office in Moldova

    The European Investment Bank to open a representative office in Moldova


    At the Wednesday sitting, the government of Moldova approved the start of the talks and the signing of the agreement with the European Investment Bank on the opening of the office of the bank in Moldova and on its privileges and immunity. According to Vice-premier, Minister of Foreign Affairs and European Integration of Moldova Natalia Gherman, the key goal of the agreement is to create the legal framework needed to open the EIB office in Moldova; EIB's extended presence in our country will become a signal of support and confidence on the part of Moldova’s European partners, strengthening the relations between our country and the Bank and enhancing the Bank’s activities on the territory of Moldova.


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