What is your forecast for the business development in Moldova in 2015:
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  • In 2014 the pre-tax profit of small and medium-sized enterprises of Moldova grew 1.5 times year-on-year and reached MDL 3 billion 012.7 million


    Last year, the biggest profit was reported by wholesale and retail enterprises and made up MDL 726.1 million, up 17% against 2013. Then followed agricultural companies (MDL 687.7 million, up 1.8 times); real estate companies and companies of the B2B sector (MDL 622.3 million, up 2.5 times); companies of the building sector (MDL 497.6 million, up 41.9%);

  • The number of divisions of banks of Moldova for the last month decreased by 4 units – from 1309 in April 2015 up to 1305 units in May


    Despite this, in comparison with May of the last year (1302), their number increased by 3 units. According to the NBM while the last month the number of Bank branches increased from 347 to 348 units, the number of agencies has decreased from 962 up to 957 units. At the end of May of the last year in Moldova there were 348 branches of banks and 954 agencies.


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