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  • “The increase in excise duties on cars will increase the free rider phenomenon and massive use of unregistered vehicles in Moldova” – is the experts’ opinion


    Dumitru Budianschi, the Economist of the Independent Analytical Center Expert-Grup notices the longtime applied measure disguised as an adjustment to the excise tax in the euro in relation to the inflation rate in lei. According to him, the results of the excise policy, along with other charges for cars will further deepen the “free raider” phenomenon - as a the streets are full of cars that are not legally registered in Moldova. This problem is neglected from year to year, as if it did not exist, while the government increases the tax burden on honest car owners.

  • The size of the Subvention Fund can amount to MDL 1 billion in 2016


    Minister of Agriculture and Food Industry of Moldova Eduard Grama said this at a sitting of the Economic Press Club, adding that this is provided for by the draft fiscal policy for 2016. About MDL 500 million of this sum will be allotted to direct subsidies, while the rest of the money will be distributed as follows:


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