Республиканский Клуб Деловых людей

Business Card

We are the people, united by common goal of creation. We are those for whom the time is not just an interval, connecting events, but a vigorous momentum for an affirmative action. We can not stop the time and we do not set this task, but we can go with the times, sometimes being ahead of it.

We are equal in rights entrepreneurs who have achieved certain socially recognized milestones in business. We have been consolidated voluntarily or on the recommendation of our colleagues for the purpose of putting forward and promoting socially-useful ideas, decisions and actions in the name of developing the society, business and science in our country.

The official countdown of the Club’s biography dates back to May 4, 1996, when it was registered by the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Moldova, whereas the informal countdown goes back to March 1994. In 14 years both the rules of joining the Club and the forms of its work have evolved. In June 2002, the Club was accepted in the National Confederation of Patronage of Moldova. In April 2003, the club became a member of the International Academic Senate.

Today the most active section of the Club is located in Chisinau, numbering over thirty members. The Club sections of different strength are also functioning in various administrative regions of the Republic of Moldova. In the Club we apply simplified entry rules, including individual approach to each member or section of the Club. Once or twice a year we hold republic-wide campaigns: congresses, business forums, meetings of interest, meetings with business assisting structures and leaders of the Republic, etc.

At the Club meetings we hold discussions and elaborate proposals on certain drafts of laws and/or Government’s decisions, organize meetings with business representatives from other countries, discuss the most interesting and promising areas of business and science in the Republic of Moldova. We permanently conduct information exchange sessions, presentations of companies and goods, cultural events for the Club members and their families.


 BNM 19.10.2018

1 MDL - 1 leu
1 EUR - 19.5480 lei
1 USD - 16.9702 lei
1 RUB - 0.2588 lei
1 RON - 4.1895 lei