Республиканский Клуб Деловых людей


Some principles for the establishment and work of the Club of Business People "Timpul"
Mission of the Club:

The informal club of entrepreneurs is established by business people who have achieved greater gains in the professional activity and a certain standing in the society, associated on the base of common interests and views, with the mission of implementing business and common aspirations, ideas and expectations of the entire business community of the Republic of Moldova, through improving the constructive dialogue with the authorities.

Membership in the Club:

Only the leaders of economic structures can be the Club members, regardless of the form of ownership or the organizational and legal form. One can become a member of the club only on the recommendation of another club member with the prior consent of the Club majority.

With 6 months non-attendance of club meetings without a proper justification or preliminary notice, membership in the club is considered to be interrupted.

In the event of violating business ethics or civil relationships, the issue of conduit of an individual member of the Club may be brought up to the discussion at the brainstorming session. The decision can be taken to the extent of expulsion a Club member by simple majority vote of at least 50% of club members.

A member of the club can bring into discussion any proposal on which the meeting of the club makes the final decision.

The decision taken within the competence of the club is compulsory for execution by any member of the Club.

Club members enjoy special discounts.

For servicing the club purposes a respective staff body is established, with funding coming from membership dues.

Funding comes from membership dues and sponsorship contributions of the members of the Club. Membership dues may be paid in cash or by transfer. They are utilized to cover the club expenses in accordance with the annually approved budget, adopted by a majority vote of club members.

Organization of meetings:
The Club meetings are held each fourth Thursday of the month, and the meetings of the Club Board are conducted every second Thursday of the month.

The subjects of the meeting to follow are determined by members of the Club. In exceptional cases, the Bureau of the Board, President and Executive Directorate can bring in topics for discussion for the next regular meeting.


 BNM 19.10.2018

1 MDL - 1 leu
1 EUR - 19.5480 lei
1 USD - 16.9702 lei
1 RUB - 0.2588 lei
1 RON - 4.1895 lei