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The Moldovan Government updated the lists of objects subject to privatization.


According to the Deputy Prime Minister, Economy Minister Octavian Calmac, in particular, the list of state property objects subject to privatization and the list of state property objects of unfinished construction subject to privatization have been revised to exclude previously privatized objects and enterprises in insolvency process, as well as include in them the new facilities that need to attract private investment.

So, from the list of objects of state property subject to privatization, 15 privatized objects have been excluded: Glass Container Company, Fabrica de unt şi brînză din Vulcăneşti Inlav, Autoservice din Pîrliţa, Livada (harvesting and marketing of agricultural products), Agromec-Zăbriceni, Agroindservice (supply and sales), Fabrica de vinuri Vinăria-Bardar, SE "Întreprinderea de Reparare şi Exploatare Auto, SE" Centrul de Reproducere a Păsărilor - Abaclia, UNIC shop, Floare-Carpet, Fantezie company store, Aeroport Catering, SA Amelioratorul and Centrul de Instruire şi Producţie. In addition, six state-owned enterprises that are in the process of insolvency are excluded (Găinuşa, Combustibil Solid, State Enterprise Serviciul Asistenţă Beneficiari la Obiectele Sociale, State Publishing House Cartea Moldovei, Artizana-Folc and Staţiunea Tehnologică pentru Irigare Chişinău) and one state enterprise in which, during the process of preparation for privatization, it was revealed a lack of property / assets - Republican State Enterprise Molda trade and manufacturing enterprise. In addition, an outdated facility located in the eastern regions of the country (the Property complex in the economic department of Telecomrut JSC, Tiraspol), as well as the old Yak-40 aircraft, which is of no interest to participants in privatization due to high wear and tear and non-compliance with the technical parameters for flights. At the same time, at the request of the Ministry of Finance, 4 objects from the State Tax Service have been included in the list of objects to be privatized, and at the request of the Ministry of Justice - the "Dream" recreation center located in Ukraine, as well as a number of real estate facilities following the reorganization / liquidation procedures of some state enterprises.

Also, the information on the cost and share of the state in the authorized capital of 10 objects has been updated, taking into account the latest data. At the same time, 6 objects of unfinished construction, including the administrative building of the Institute of Microbiology and Virology, with an adjacent land plot have been excluded from the list of state property objects of unfinished construction subject to privatization.



 BNM 17.11.2018

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